Wednesday, July 4, 2012

American Independence... in Russia?

Happy Fourth of July everyone! This year I've decided to celebrate my Independence Day in the least patriotic way possible... by spending in Russia.

Not only does no one here know that it's a holiday, but they are too busy in Skyrim to even acknowledge that America exists. No worries though, today during a break from picking berries I finally got the chance to watch a show I've been dying to see, Doctor Who. Only downside is it's a British show, and I watched it with our Londoner volunteer Jemma. Sorry Americans, looks like I'm not quite independent yet. We did do one thing that helped me celebrate in style. Kitezh has the not so environmentally-friendly habit of burning a lot of their trash, and Jemma and I received the honor of being asked to burn some old cardboard boxes. But we decided to put a patriotic flare on the fire and sing some pro-American tunes while it burned. If you can't have fireworks, a giant fire should do, right?

There she burns, the great fire of American patriotism.

Sorry for my lack of red, white, and blue. I packed a very limited wardrobe, okay??
Me and my Brit, Jemma, throwing up our peace signs to show that America and England have rightfully forgiven each other.

Also, as an interesting example of the influence of American pop culture, the kids here have named two of the new kittens Eminem and Dr. Dre. I must say I like their taste (even though technically they're not allowed to listen to rap music here.) Try and guess which kitten is which...
Even big celebs like Eminem and Dr. Dre fight sometimes. 

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  1. Burning trash and causing catastrophic damage to the ozone layer is about as patriotic as it gets. Ah, Gotta love when cats fulfill stereotypes.