Friday, July 6, 2012

Breaking News

The trumpets are blaring, the horns are sounding, the gong is going off. Another day of the games complete! Hope you enjoy the latest headlines--all are true!

Merchants have rights too,
and  they must be recognized!
This just in:
     Craftsmen guild pickets stolovaya in protest of Merchants. Tired of the unfair exchange rates on goods, the craftsmen have begun picketing with promises of boycotts to come.

     Goblin sightings increased, swords advised. Several goblin attacks have taken place near the arena. The three cities are taking extra precautions against this new threat.

     Thieves guild raid fortress, escape with secret scroll. A small group of thieves recently stole a piece of an ancient scroll. Authorities are baffled as to how the thieves infiltrated the premises. The guard on duty at the time refuses to comment.

     Full moon means more werewolf attacks to come. With the arrival of the full moon, all citizens are advised to stay indoors after dark due to fear of werewolf attacks. Even with the warnings, experts estimate the victim count will be in the hundreds.

If her looks don't kill,
her screams will!
     Shrieking demoness conjured by the forbidden poetry of Bards. After a member of the Bards guild found a secret poem yesterday, a mysterious demoness has appeared and is wrecking havoc over the world of Skyrim. Her cries can be heard all over the territory.

     Group assembles to hunt the Vampire guild during nightly feed. A large group of vampire-hunters have gathered in front of the entrance to the forest in order to track down and kill vampires. The leader, who calls himself Van Helsing, hopes the excursion will be a success.

     First dragon takes flight! Soon vanquished. A wild dragon interrupted the gladiator demonstration on Thursday night, resulting in an epic battle. It seems for now that our warriors have prevailed.

And... the most important news of all: 
     American girl receives ice cream as a welcome reward for continued efforts. Natalie Feingold, a girl far from home, got to enjoy some delicious chocolate ice cream just before writing this post. As friend and colleague Sasha put in, "To make a Kitezhian happy, you only need to give them sweets." The same seems to be true of Americans.

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