Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Way of the Hero

The last child has left, the last tent has been taken down. Our games are finally over. It's sad to see everyone go, but I must say that the end of the game may have been the best part. On the second to last day, all the kids from all the different cities and guilds worked as a group to build a huge fort. The fort was amazing, it's hard to believe how fast they put it together! Then on the last day of the game, all the kids defended their fort (the force of good) against the army of evil, made up of all the guild masters and volunteers dressed as monsters. The battle carried on for hours, then at last it ended with intervention from the Emperor of Skyrim. Finally, when everything was over, we all released lanterns into the air, hugged, and celebrated what we all shared the past two weeks. These photos hardly do it justice, but I'll share them anyway!

The fort outside (above) and inside (right). It is decorated with all the flags and shields of the different guilds as well as the cities. 
The enemy approaches... pretty intimidating, I'd say!

After the final battle, the Emperor's henchman was vanquished. Just look at how perfect the fog was, we couldn't have planned it any better!  (Photo credit to Alen)

Two kids releasing their lantern into the air. It was a really special moment for us all, me especially because it reminded me of the fantastic scene from Tangled
(Photo credit to Alen)

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