Thursday, July 12, 2012

A grand celebration!

The past few days a hazy mist has fallen over the lands of Skyrim, blanketing our world in its soft drizzle. The weather almost seems mythical, as if the gods are displeased with us and wish to tuck us away. Displeased, you may ask, but why? Why, my dear friends... Because of the great merry-making we have had this week! The gods must be jealous, for on Tuesday we enjoyed a most glorious fair indeed. All day the different guilds prepared something to contribute to our grand fair, and believe me it was a great success. There was music, dancing, food, games, and even a troll wedding! You could definitely say we had it all. Please enjoy the photos!

(Something I found funny: The russian word for fair is ярмарка 'yarmarka,' which when spoken quickly sounds almost exactly like the small Jewish hat, yarmulke 'yamaka.' Using that trick I learned the new word in no time at all.)

 Holding hands and dancing, the different cities set aside their differences for the evening.

A piggy-back race, even some trolls are competing! 

Lovely maidens enjoying the show.
Roma lighting an effigy on fire with everyone gathered around.

Left, above: Our face-painting and art station.
Left, below: The vampire queen and I showing off our costumes.
Right: At this station kids made shirts using stencils for the different guilds.

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